Body Mind Therapeut & Healer

Body Mind Therapeut & Healer
Consultant: Namita Aggarwal
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Locatie: Amersfoort
Beschikbaar: ma - vrij 10.00 - 17.00
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Since, human life is the most precious gift by the “Mother Nature,” I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for it, by celebrating each and every moment and squeezing out the entire juice of life- by being in alignment to the guidance of the Higher Intelligence, which is orchestrating the entire universe.

My interest lies in learning and sharing the sacred and secret wisdom which has been the source of the pure unconditional love, authentic power and abundance since ages.

I believe, if I am here on this planet ‘Earth,’ then, I need to learn how to translate my uniqueness and inner calls into a meaningful tangible reality. To accomplish this, I love to dive into the bottomless well of ‘Nature’ with all my trust and surrender so that, I can have a deep drink of life with every breath!" (Dr Namita Aggarwal)

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