Jahnu Jaya

Toegevoegd door Saskia Beugel op 23-06-2007 om 00:00

Van de week had ik een afsrpaak met Hylke of Jahnu

Jahnu was een Rishi...

Rishi Jahnu appears in the story of Ganga and Bhagiratha. When Ganga came to earth after being released from lord Shiva's locks, her torrential waters wreaked havoc with Jahnu's fields and penance. Angered by this, the great sage drank up all of Ganga's waters to punish her. Seeing this, the Gods prayed to the sage to release Ganga, so that she could proceed on her mission to release the souls of the ancestors of Bhagiratha. Jahnu relented and he released Ganga from his ear. For this, the Ganga river is also known as Jahnvi or Jahnavi, meaning "daughter of Jahnu".

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