Harbinger of Spring

Toegevoegd door Saskia Beugel op 05-08-2008 om 18:04

Els stuurde mij vandaag haar gedichtje Harbinger of Spring wat zij heeft gemaakt. Op haar verjaardagsfeest had Jeanette van Velzen hierop gecomponeerd en gezongen en dat was zo bijzonder dat ik dit wil delen .

Harbinger of Spring (Els Kikke)

I already heard you calling

On a winter’s day

I could smell your tentative perfume

And feel your sparkling presence

Now you’re here

Fragile and translucent,

Like the child within,

You live in me,

Growing towards the light

Towards the jubilation

Of Summer.

I want to show you

just as you are

And enjoy you

As you are;

My Spring.

You fought so bravely

Through my winter,

To become born.

You’re so vulnerable

And full of life.

As translucent and tenuous

As Spring

I stand on tiptoe,

And reach for the Sun.

Sunlight streams

Through the top of my head

And finger tips

To within

And reaches my heart,

Which opens

Like a flower.

Spring is inside me,

Shimmering with Love

Of Life.

My Heart and the Sun

Melt together

And my body

Welcomes the warmth…

I feel the nurturing earth

Beneath my feet.

I am growing.

I am a link

Between heaven and earth.

Slanting rays of sunlight

Shine into people’s homes.

Spring is coming

To make us burst open

With her softly

 penetrating song.

Too much for some.

Too hard to feel

So vulnerable,

Threatened by


To open like a flower.

But dear Spring,

Your courage

Inspires us all.

You rise out of darkness,

Never failing to appear.

Storms cannot stop you,

You’re nurtured by the Sun

And Earth

You blossom and flourish

You’re true spirit itself

Since you dare

 To show

Your fragility.

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