Geld? Een oud concept?

Toegevoegd door Saskia Beugel op 08-03-2009 om 23:08

Ik wil op deze blog de brief delen die ik vandaag aan mijn leraar in Rishikesh schreef

'Dear Swamiji,

How are you doing? How are things in the ashram? How are YOU?

Here things are going fast. My system is still very very sensitive (sometimes I wonder from what planet I come from but day by day I feel more at home and at ease, do you know who I am...????)

I always felt strange and not at ease and wanted to escape but now I feel more myself and accepted and loved and I meet wonderfull people day by day. All people that want to change the world and make it a better place starting spiritual roads!

And I realize that’s the most beautifull part of life, to feel connection with people. First with myself and then with the people I meet. Really amazing, magic things are happening

This week I was invited to a meeting were people were interested in my concept. And you know I thought I needed money.... but this is an old concept, money.. in the new economy it will not be about money about LOVE.. about GOD about LIGHT about connection, about understanding. And following that path everything will come almost  WITHOUT money

I showed some visuals (including yours) about how I thought Rishis should look like and after the meeting people came to me and offered their services, they wanted to join with their talents. I am looking at new models that can work. Models in a new economy like Ricardo Semler. A business with LOVE. Amazing, I am so thankful! And you have to know as soon as it is possible I let you fly in and tell your knowledge so you can shine your light here.. Also the business workshops are going well. I would like to deepen my knowledge an longing for Rishikesh. You know somehow it feels like home, I feel so connected to you and some of the Saddhus in Rishikesh, I probably was one in former life..

Home and thats is what I want to create in Amsterdam. Amsterdam really vibrates an open, sjamanistic, spiritual atmosphere. I am at the right place at the right time I feel I need to be here and day by day even more good souls are connecting, really with tears in my eyes I take and receive. I was never able to receive.. Nothing more to do then receive and give love, so beautifull!
I wanted to share this with you I hope you are all healthy and ok

With love lots of love Saskia'

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