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Vandaag kreeg ik een mail van een van mijn eerste spirituele leraren Swami Dharmananda uit Rishikesh. Hij schreef over de geboortedag van Lord Krishna (gisteren) en hij mailde mij van de week hoe het met me ging en ik was nog van plan hem te mailen hoe en waar ik stond. Maar toen ik dit stuk kreeg herkende ik weer de synchroniciteit is (move away from their home to protect growing consciousness)

Hij schreef het volgende en ik vond het zon mooi en herkenbaar stuk dat ik het even wilde delen (moving of houses for safer places). Misschien bedoelt hij in de vorm van een ashrams en retreats. Maar ik vergelijk het met mijn zoektocht naar een vaste woning in Amsterdam (Huizen ..verhuizen. . to a safer place.. en zo zie ik het ook bij Rishis ..een ashram in de stad.. a safer place.. Deze periode leert me wel om krakers en zwervers te begrijpen.Het is zo een overleving: een dak boven je hoofd, grond onder je voeten..). Volgens mij het verleden als iemand mij vertelde dat hij of zij een huiszocht of ging verhuizen dacht ik misschien'oh ja als ik wat hoordan laat ik t je weten'. Nu begrijp ik wat mensen voelen en de urgentie ervan ;-)

Het laatste stuk in zijn mail vond ik erg mooi 'When he gains the wisdom he realises that all that looked like evil, pain and useless suffering were all for our ultimate good. Thats the highest wisdom'

'Today is Lord Krishna's B'day. Krishna was born exactly at mid-night. Lord Jesus was also born around mid-night. In India we consider Lord Krishna as the greatest incarnation of God. In the west Lord Jesus is considered by our Masters as the greatest of all the Biblical Prophets.Both of them were born at mid-night. this mid night birth has a inner meaning an allegory. Mid night is a time when the senses are at deep sleep which means they are no longer active or they have given up their desirings.

It is only when all sense desirings cease in the mind that a higher consciousness takes birth in us.. When higher consciousness is awakened in us the people around us do not understand our needs and generally calls us crazy. they try to crush that consciousness which is growing in us. Krishna and Jesus both had to be carried away to another place for Their safety.

Spiritual aspirants also will have to move away from their home to safer places were their growing consciousness can be protected, encouraged and nourished. Both Krishna and Jesus ultimately came back to Their place of birth to fight the material and demonic forces. Krishna killed kamsa the demonic king and Jesus drove away the money changers from the Church.When higher consciousness takes deep roots in us then it becomes powerful enough to oppose and resist and destroy all evils.Jesus did it with unconditional love and Krishna did with strong spiritual power and strength. A strength that never harms the weak, but protects them and gives them justice. strength that destroys evil and replaces it by good.

Krishna was born 5000 years ago historically. He is considered the 8th incarnation of Vishnu.His life and His Lila's and specially His teachings in the form of Bhagavad Gita has become a source of highest inspiration to every seeker who is traversing the spiritual path. A graded teaching that can be applied by everybody whatever their inclinations or capacities may be.

A beautiful blend of Karma (right activity) Bhakti (Love and devotion) and Gyana (wisdom)

Karma-- do your family and social duties as a loving offering and as worship of God.Do not expect or demand a reward for this work. Our expectations and demands based on our limited understanding of our real needs diminishes the beauty of the reward that God likes to give us.

Bhakti--Love yourself you are 'amritasya putrah'child of immortality. Love life it is God's creation and play to share joy and love with us. Learn to love God over all else. He is infinitely sweeter than all the gifts that He gives us to play with. Through all our human love we are seeking His love.

Gyana--all life is an expression of God. the good and the evil both come from God.Krishna says, Sat asat aham Arjuna. I am both truth and untruth, life and death,real and unreal, good and evil, light and darkness.So real wisdom lies in being able to see that all that is evil and dark in this world also has a purpose (though hidden from our view). Through questioning why evil, why suffering, why injustice the soul strives to seek higher wisdom and understanding. When he gains the wisdom he realises that all that looked like evil, pain and useless suffering were all for our ultimate good.Thats the highest wisdom.

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