Sun Square Ascendant

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Ik was onlangs bij Mary van Belzen zij zal astrologieconsults geven bij Rishis (net als Natasja). Even snel deed ze een kleine horoscoop reading voor mij. De kern is de mezelf te kunnen zijn en mijn eigen pad te kunnen volgen en te zeggen wat ik vind en voel zal er een strijd zijn waarbij ik relaties, vriendschappen eerst los moet laten (cut off). Een fase.. Verder... creatief en interesse in 'unusual people' en daarnaast veel vrijheid (club for free souls.)! Fijn zo'n hulpmiddel van de Sterren ;-)

Dus niet meer mijn eigen pad opgeven om aardig gevonden te willen worden.. voor meer mensen herkenning?

Deze herken ik t meest:

Mercury in Aquarius

Your mind works in a highly original way. Also you are attracted to unusual, even fantastic, points of view about the world. You enjoy being unconventional and shocking people with your offbeat opinions. No ordinary standards of what is proper will prevent you from thinking a certain way.

Jupiter in Libra

Beauty is very important to you as an indication of order in the universe. You will always enjoy elegance, the more spectacular the better. At a very early age you will learn to see beauty in every possible situation.

Your relationships with others will be very important to your inner spiritual growth. You will discover more about yourself through the people you attract and your relationships with them than through any other means.

With your highly developed sense of justice, you do not like to see anyone get the short end of the stick.

Venus Opposition Jupiter

You really enjoy the good life and the company of others. This aspect usually indicates that people like you, because you are so positive, optimistic and cheerful. Also you are willing to share whatever you have with others. In a difficult situation, you tend to choose the pleasant way out rather than the best way.

The only thing that stands between you and total success in life is the need to be more disciplined and restrained. You have the ability to handle people well, if you choose, and you can make yourself liked.

This aspect also means that you are warm and affectionate to those you like, but you do not want to be tied down by anyone.

Mercury Trine Uranus

This is a very creative aspect. It indicates that you have a quick mind and can understand ideas that others can't, because you are open to new ways of thinking.

You also have intuition, that is, the ability to come to understandings seemingly from nowhere. While you are young, this may startle people, and at first you may find it hard to defend your insights. But as you get older, you will learn how to show people that your insights are true.

Sun Square Ascendant

'The problem you will have to resolve is that if you pursue what you want in life, you may not be able to get along with others. Others may seem to resist your every effort, so that to get ahead you have to cut yourself off from relationships.

But this is only a test, through which you can learn to be yourself honestly with others.

And by pursuing your own goals, you will win people's respect'

Moon Trine Jupiter

This is one of the most pleasant of all aspects. It indicates that you are an outgoing person with a great deal of self-confidence and emotional security. You aren't afraid of being yourself in any situation.

You are usually generous and giving toward others. You want to take care of people and animals, helping those in trouble and protecting the weak.

You have great respect for honor and honesty, and you may develop a fairly strong interest in religion. Your faith will not be a limited puritanical kind, but one based on kindness and the desire to help people grow and move forward in their lives.

Moon Sextile Neptune

Your rich and vivid imagination will serve you well if you manage to keep your imaginary world clearly separate from the world of your dreams. You can imagine yourself in situations that you have never been in and can feel what others feel. This is called empathy, and it is one of your strongest traits.

You enjoy taking care of persons and even animals that need help. It is easy for people to appeal to your sympathy

Uranus Conjunct Pluto

This aspect signifies a generation of people who will have very powerful effects upon the rest of the culture, for they will be revolutionaries in the truest sense. They will be very eager and restless for change, but at the same time patient enough to learn how to really bring it about. They will undoubtedly have a very powerful impact on everyone in society.

Venus Conjunct Saturn

It is clear that you need a lot of emotional support from your friends to bring out the best aspects of your character. You can be a more steady and reliable friend than most, and you will always be loyal to the people you trust.

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