Angels and Ascendant Masters

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Archangel ~ Angel ~ Ascendant Master

Helps with

Damara's name means "gentle" she helps with the manifestation of money to help pay for family expenses. She also helps with women considering leaving their children’s father(call upon damara for input and assistance)

Abundance-especially household needs, Children, guiding and healing, Home, peace within the, Manifestation-especially for family and household needs

(also known as Danu,Danann )
she is a Celtic creator goddess believed to be a Great Mother aspect of the Divine Creator
When invoked Dana
appears as a young-looking rational woman who emanates wisdom and intelligence

Abundance, Alchemy and divine magic, Animals, healing
Children, fertility and mothering, Elemental kingdom, meeting and working with the (particularly leprechauns), Worthiness , self esteem, and deservingness issues

(also known as Ambika, Ghagavati, Devee, Ida, Shakti)
Devi is a hindu or Vedic goddess known as the "Universal" or "Great" mother
she is the female energy of God and is one of India’s most important and powerful goddesses
The term Devi is sometimes used generically to describe any goddess

Addictions, releasing and detoxification from,
Meaningfulness-finding more in life and career
Purification of body and mind
Relationships-all aspects of

(Also known as Diana of Ephesus)
Sharing attributes similar to that of the Greek Goddess Artemis, Diana is a moon goddess who helps with fertility and abundance

Animals -breading, pregnancy and birthing
Childbirth, painless, Elementals, connecting with
Lesbian concerns, Twins

El Morya
El Morya is a new Ascending Master, he is based on an actual man named Ranbir Singh, son of the ruler of Kashmir in the 1840’s, he is known to replace faithlessness and faith

Decision- making
Protection-especially energy and psychic

(Also known as Forete)
The Norse god of justice, fairness, arbitration and reconciliation, Forseti’s name means “presiding one” he stills all strife, and is the ultimate peacemaker

Arguments, resolving, Fairness, Legal matters, resolving
Peace, Protection-especially legal in nature, Truth issues

Ganesh is an elephant headed deity who removes obstacles for anyone who asks for his help. He is the Hindu god of prosperity and wisdom, who also assists with writing and art projects

Abundance, Artistic projects, Household peace and harmony
Obstacles, removing and avoiding, Wisdom issues, Writing

(Also known as Gwenhwyfar)
Her name means “White One” she is a goddess of love relationships, fertility and motherhood, she also works with the flower fairies.

Romantic love, enhancing and finding
Woman’s issues

(Also known as…Athor, Athyr, Hat-hor, Hat-Mehit, Hawthor, Tanetu, The celestial cow, Queen of Earth, Mother of Light, Ra.
Hathor is the ancient and beloved Egyptian goddess of the sun, sky and newborns and the dead. She is also associated with feminine beauty, cosmetics, fashionable clothing and romantic relationships.

Artistic projects, Beauty, attractiveness and cosmetics
Celebration, music, parties and dancing, Children, conceiving, pregnancy and parenting, Decision-making, Soulmate, finding one's

(Also known as Har, Harendotes, Harmarkhet, Haroeris, Har-pa-Neb-Taui, Harseisis, Harpokrates, Hor, Ra- Harakhte)
Horus is a powerful falcon-headed sky and sun god, representing strength and victory, during battle Horus’s eyes were injured, he appears as a falcon head with a large eye (the uninjured one) representing the third eye of clairvoyance. This all seeing eye also helps us to see the truth in all situations.

Clairvoyance, Courage, Mother-son relationships, Standing your ground, Strength, Vision, physical and psychic

(Also known as Idaten)
Ida-Ten is the Japanese god of law, truth, purity, legal victory and justice. He is a protector of monasteries and has miraculous speed. Ida-Ten can guard against religious persecution or help avert ridicule with respect to you spiritual beliefs. As quiet as a church mouse, this mild – mannered deity whispers powerful advice in you ear regarding legal moves and manoeuvres, he is also highly ethical.

Justice, Lawsuits, winning
Protection against religious or spiritual persecution
Protection of spiritual centres
Truth issues

(Also known as Absus and Inanna)
A Babylonian mother and warrior godeaa with multiple traits arranging from gentleness to motherly protection, Ishtar is also invoked for healing physical pain and maladies

Child conception and parenting Compassion, Healing, all kinds off Gentleness Love relationships and marriage, Protection against lower energies, Sexuality, War, prevention or resolution of Weather

(Also known as Divine Mother, Goddess of the mysteries, Goddess of nature, Isis Myrionymos, Lady of magic, Lady of sacred sensuality, Mistress of Hermetic Wisdom.
Isis is a multifunctional Egyptian moon goddess who embodies femininity, motherhood, magic, healing and power. Her protective wings are engraved around Egyptian sarcophaguses as they symbolise Isis’s ability to renew souls of the dead.

Divine magic, Feminine strength, power, and beauty, Joy, Self-esteem

(Also known as Esyllt, Iseullt, Isolde, Ysolt and Ysonde)Isolt is the goddess of love and passion in relationships, who helps enhance sexual satisfaction and offers assistance in finding a soulmate.

Break-ups, separations, and divorce-healing from
Passion, reigniting, Romantic love, attracting

(Also known as Jeshua, Lord and Savior, Lord JesusChrist and Sananda)
Christian and New Thought
Churches emphasize Jesus’ teachings about love and forgiveness and promote these methods as ways to cure personal and worldly ills. Jesus was also known to be a great healer of sickness.
Clear communication with God, Divine guidance and direction, Faith issues, Forgiveness,
Healing of all kinds, Manifestation, Miracles


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