Enlightenment is being very skilled at holding and radiating light

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Enlightenment is being very skilled at holding and radiating light. Enlightenment is not a place you reach where you stop growing and are perfect. No matter how high you go there are higher and higher levels you can reach

Being enlightened means that you have tools and resources to handle all the energies about you in such a way that you add clarity, harmony, and light to everything around you. Energy is ever-changing and, as far as I and others in my dimensions can tell, there is no limit to the growth that is possible.

When you reach a certain level of radiance and light you may choose not to be born into another lifetime on earth, but instead to live in other dimensions that offer you different opportunities to become a more radiant being. Or, you may choose to come back, for as you grow you have the ability to make a greater and greater contribution and become even more radiant through your service to others.

There is no limit to the growth
and expansion that is possible for you.

There are many paths to enlightenment. Choose the path that is most joyful to you and in alignment with your values. You may choose one path at one time and another path at another time, or you may try several paths at the same time. Go toward those disciplines you are drawn to; don't feel you must pursue something that doesn't appeal to you just because others say it is the "right" way to grow. Each of you is unique. Trust your Higher Self to lead you to those processes that are most appropriate for you.

One of the first things you can do to grow spiritually is to let go of any preconceived ideas you have about spiritual growth and your current level of evolution. You may have heard that if you were spiritually evolved you would have memories of your past lives, be able to meditate for hours, live in states of continual bliss, and acquire superhuman abilities, such as being able to leave your body or live for hundreds of years. While some of these things may happen naturally during certain stages of your growth, it is not necessary to be able to do these things to be highly evolved.

Many highly evolved souls have no past-life memories and do not demonstrate superhuman abilities or spend their days meditating. You will find evolved souls working in every possible area to lift the condition of humanity, raise consciousness, and bring more light to their areas of service. They are doing many practical things with their lives and creating many positive results. Their work acts as their meditation and provides their opportunities for spiritual growth. They have learned to focus upward while they are focused outward in service. They do not need superhuman abilities to accomplish their higher purpose.

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