From the Mystic Land of Colorado

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Dear Friends,

I informed you about my inspiring trip to California. Well my next beautiful experience. In this small city of Lyons I beheld an art exhibition laid out not at one place but many places in individual houses on the 5th and 6th of Jun2010. I was taken to these places by Qiyra on Sat and Lisa on Sun. It was a real eye-opener to me to see such gifted artists and so many of them in such a small place with hardly any population. All warm open hearted people expressing their appreciation of God’s gift of life thru the medium of their art on paper, canvass, cloth, wood, metals. A very special and probably the biggest banjo in the world in the house of Athena and Jacob was something very amusing and entertaining. Art is an expression of man,s joy and love of life. Science is an expression of his adventurous spirit. Yoga is an expression of his seeking and manifesting divinity. Art expresses the heart, Science the head and Yoga expresses both in its best integrated state.

What can I say about my host Adeshaji and Dennisji.

Adeshaji is preparing 6 to 8 cups of tea daily , most of the time carrying it to my room, cooking both the meals, doing the laundry and cleaning my room when I am not present. All these when she is herself the main teacher involved in hours of counselling 4 to 5 clients each day, organising spiritual retreats, satsangs, musical evenings. She is a talented spiritual teacher, qualified counsellor, extremely good cook and an inspiring devotional singer and musician.

She is a good mother and has given to her three children the best of spiritual education. Each child has grown up very well and has specialised in very creative and spiritual activities.She has inspired and developed around her a community of very talented spiritual seekers. Most of them are themselves talented Yoga teachers, healers, counsellors, musicians and gifted Psychics. The word psychic I understand is not a very socially respectable term. I feel the society has to understand the term better. Psychics are evolved and gifted souls. In India we will call them as Yogis or Yoginis. They are individuals who are experiencing a range of truths not readily available thru the medium of the ordinary senses but available thru the medium of partially developed or well developed intuition. Therefore ordinary people do not understand them and their experiences.

A word about Dennisji. A tall, slim, amiable, affectionate wise man, always calm and always cheerful. He is presently involved in watering and mowing the green grass of the extensive lawn around the house. He is a computer proffessional specialising in designing web sites, talented musician and by his mere presence lends to this place an air of calm serenity.

The house also has an ideal location. To the east we have the St.Vrain river now at her best rapidity and movement flowing majestically in front. Budding flowers, chirping birds, tall trees, green grass, clear sky, occassional snowing, surrounding mountains and a deep silence characterises this place.

In this mystic land of Colorado, in this isolated quiet town of Lyons, in this spiritual atmosphere of Adeshaji’s house I am deeply grateful to all those powers and forces who worked to place me here. I am placed here by unknown forces whose purpose I do not understand but I do feel extremely grateful for the experiences it is giving me.

With love to all those people who are making this place so beautiful.


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