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Toegevoegd door Swami Dharmananda op 02-06-2010 om 17:39

This blog was written before Swamiji left on the 19th of April, 2010 we follow his life stories in America from now on - The Divine Mother has made her intentions clear. I have to go to America. I was hoping for a three month visa, but I got a 10 year visa. Thanks to very sincere and persistent efforts of Christine Dubois and her partner Dennis, the day has come for me to leave.

In what words can I express my gratitude to them for opening up this door for me? They are not only sponsoring my trip but have also been kind enough to send Isha to escort me all the way from the ashram to America. How many well meaning friends are willing or able to do such things? I will be staying in Colorado.

Also those of you know her, Dana Maria, a quiet, Indian-looking woman from America, has done an extremely efficient work in handling the very technical visa application needs. She was also God-sent; the right person at the right time.

After 25 years of teaching I am going out from the ashram for the first time. I am leaving at a time when the ashram situation is still tense but we are in a very legally sound position. Mataji will be alone in the ashram Sri Ved Niketan. All of you who have known her over the years know that she is a very emotionally stable and strong woman. Every day of my association with her I have learnt what it means to be loyal to the guru, faithful to the guru, obedient to the guru and provide ungrudging service to the guru.

Even after guru’s death she has not deviated one bit from what her guru had told her to do and I am seeing the tangible help that the dead guru is giving to her. It is nice to know that one uneducated village woman, by the sheer power of her loyal service to her guru, has defeated a group of 18 trustees with money and political connections.

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