Evolution of Human Consciousness through progressive Spiritual Initiations

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By Master Gurunath

The evolution of human consciousness from its present state of body consciousness to cosmic consciousness is brought about by a gradual process through series of spiritual initiations given to a deserving aspirant by great Gurus.

There are Seven Great Initiations, which mark the stages of the spiritual progress of the path, each divided into four sub-stages, whereby the Sat-Guru and Divya-Guru take upon themselves the instruction and guardianship of the disciple.

First Level Initiation- Hamsa-Sevaks

The Hamsa-Sevaks are those spiritual seekers who have entered the path of selfless service and work for the welfare of the human race, each according to his/her capacity. They are dedicated to serve humanity as one's larger self. They go where their Guru sends them. They want no more of the world except to be there as an element of service. They do what the Master wants them to do. Hamsa Sevaks are born anew and for the first time they realize that they form a connection between humanity and Divinity by service to both.

Second Level Initiation- Hamsacharyas

This is the next level of the expansion of one's consciousness. Here the spiritual seeker is a server of the human race to a greater extent by selflessly teaching sincere disciples the ways and means to realize themselves. He needs steadfastness and not to bow down or to turn back. Though everything seems against him at times, he must have courage in his convictions to work on, and know that all is working for his ultimate good.

Though apparently it may appear unjust why when he is trying his best, the worst befall him, and when he is living better than he ever did, all difficulties assail him. It seems quite unjust and hard that the noble cause he pursues should bring him such hardships. He must refuse in his mind to be disturbed, even by apparent injustice, for it is not injustice but justice that he is reaping the fruits in this life of the seeds sown in his past life (karma). If illness strikes him, he must think that much karmic debt is being paid. He is the stronger for it. When pain and anxiety assail him he is paying the debt of sorrow, and one's thought should be "Never mind if my body is naked and shivering. I must not leave my soul naked and shivering."

The Hamsacharya in the midst of sorrow is joyful, in the midst of discouragement is hopeful, and in the midst of difficulties is steadfast (stitha-pragnya). One is content and knows that the Great Ones and the Law of Karma is working for their salvation. The Hamsacharyas by sincere spiritual practice may attain to liberation in this very life and return to earth but once more for the service of humanity in better circumstances.


Third Level Initiation- Hamsa Yogis

Through the Guru's grace, the spiritual seeker at this stage enters the No-Mind state or Sahaj Samadhi. The Hamsa Yogis know that they are united with the Divine. "Ham" is "I AM" and "Sa" is "HE." The Hamsa Yogis, due to sincere spiritual meditation in this life is able to cut the fetters of bondage and karma and get his liberation. He is not compelled to return to earth by any karmic cause. However he is often directed to return to earth to be of greater service to humanity, so as to propel the Soul's journey into more glorious and higher realms of consciousness.

Sub- Stages:

Each stage of a major initiation is divided into 4 sub-stages, and the Hamsa Yogis must be well aware of this fact, as he passes through them. All the levels of initiations require the yogi to pass through the four sub-stages, until the fifth level. The requirements for evolution after the fifth level of Siddha are little known to man.

The four sub-stages are:

Marg: The first stage of the level of his initiation. Marga means the way in which the disciple is striving to cast off the fetters.

Phala: The second stage of the level of his initiation. Phala means when the fruits or results of his sadhana begin showing.

Avastha (Bhava): The third stage of the level of his initiation. Bhava means consummation, that is he is a master of the state in which he belongs - he is fully established in the awareness of the state.

Gotrabhu: The fourth stage of the level of his initiation. He is now ripe and fit to receive the next initiation.

At the third level of initation, if not done before, the inner fire must be awakened. It is here that the Kundalini must be roused to function in the physical and astral body of the spiritual seeker, leading it from chakra to chakra.

As it wakes, it gives man power to leave the physical body at will, disengaging the astral from the physical, setting it free to serve humanity as one's larger Self in a vaster theater of operation. Many of the powers and siddhis are also developed in this stage.


Fourth Level Initiation- Paramhamsa Yogis

These Yogis in their waking physical consciousness, can rise to the atmic plane of consciousness. The consciousness of Natural Enlightenment is his while still aware of his physical body. He experiences the consciousness of the atmic plane without loss of physical consciousness. All human lessons have been learned and such a one enters the consciousness of Natural Enlightenment at will for the salvation of human kind. A good work indeed so essential for the further awakening of Humanity.

Fifth Level Initiation - Siddha Yogi

These Great Masters are one with the Divine Will and they are ever in the waking consciousness of Enlightenment. When out of the body the Siddha Yogis rises to still higher states of Divine Consciousness. The experience is practically impossible to describe. Their service to humanity is the evolution of human consciousness leading to the realization that one's expanded consciousness and humanity's consciousness is One. All the time the siddha sangh generates spiritual power, sacrificing it and putting it to the service of humanity; using it for lifting the heavy burden of the world.

Sixth Level Initiation - The Avadhoot Yogi

The Avadhoot yogi means Lord who has the power to grant boons, give protection, and bring about liberation. Avadhoot-Nath is the Lord of ceaseless and persevering devotion kept alive by the power of the Yoga and Sacrifice. There is a special group of Seven Great Beings who have passed the sixth level of initiation and have the power to focus within themselves the essence of all the seven heavenly spheres of consciousness. These mighty Avadhoots, are the Sapta Rishis, the seven sages called the Great Bear; each an overlord of each of the seven root races on earth.

Seventh Level Initiation- Avatara Yogi

They are the Greatest World Teachers and Divine Rulers of all the humanities past, present, and future. For the whole period of a root race, our Manu Vaivaswat an Avatara Yogi works out the details for the evolution of humanity.

The Avatara Yogi Maitreya develops whatever spirituality is possible for them at that stage, affecting the level of Buddhi, the intuition.

The Himalayan Avatara Yogi Agastya evolves manas, the mind, by Karma Yoga. He directs the minds of men through administration and different forms of culture and civilization, unfolding according to the cyclic plan; he affects the heart and head of an evolving humanity. From the Himalayas, at the behest of Mahadeva, He has come to make His presence felt in the Southern Hemisphere of the world.

Eighth Level- Rudra Yogi (Shiva Kumar)

Four mighty Beings preside over the inner government of our Universe.

Though unseen they are ever present. When people say of them "He is dead, behold He is alive and under another form." Their bodies are composed of other-worldly Lightless Light. They are the undying, immortal Ones, great beyond the reckoning of mortals.


These mighty Beings came to Earth because our world was at the stage of evolution where we could receive the divine spark; whereby the intellect or buddhi could be made possible. Without the guidance of these sages, the human mind would have plunged into a world of passion and animal nature. Because of these sages (the Shiva Kumars-known in the Puranas as Sanak, Sanandan, Sanat kumar and Sanat Sujata), the evolution of human consciousness was given a great impetus. .

Ninth Level: Jaggan-Nath Yogi (Lord of the Universe)

Hold your silence stillness still

For here your feet upon your head

Your head humbled upon the floor

The awe-filled mystery You! yourself

Ask no more!

The space is dedicated to the Being! About Whom Naught may be Said. He plays with causation, space and time as a child would play with soap bubbles, and if He were to smile in His Innocence he would shatter the world.

Who art Thou, I know Thee not

And yet I am of Thee

I cannot comprehend Thee Lord

Thou Emperor of Divinity

I sit and melt in Silence

Of Thy Love Infinite

Make me Thy Truth

Make me Thy Love

Eternal Lord of Light

This initiation is not given by anyone to anyone, but is Self-taken.



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