Raccoon fur, brother Raccoon and how Great Spirit works.

Toegevoegd door Henry de la Croix op 20-11-2011 om 21:42

Did you notice how many people nowadays walk with coats with nice and warm raccoon fur around their necks? Even my own daughters want to have a coat like that. 'Conscious” as I am of course I have a strong opinion about fur. In spite of that there was also a clear feeling that for whatever reason it was not so bad at all to buy them that coats with raccoon fur. I decided to talk to the Raccoon Spirit, asked for forgiveness and also asked to bless the coats we just bought. This is how the Raccoon Spirit answered me.

“Dear Child, although the raccoon farms where created by mankind for profit and out of greed. Something good, as it always does, will come out of it, as long as we trust in Great Spirit.

Great Spirit asked us the Raccoon Tribe to sacrifice ourselves for mankind.

Because of our long last bond with humans we choose to do so.

Raccoon Animal Totem is all about masks. But at this moment in time it is about the contrary. Mankind, whether conscious or unconscious, will show finally the way they really are. There is no time for masks anymore; everything has to be revealed.

The Raccoon Spirit will help and guide mankind. The fur will soften their hearts. This is how something created out of ego will transform into something beyond understanding.

That is how Great Spirit works, always did and always will.

No matter what happens on Mother Earth, everything happens for a reason.

As long as you believe that you can let go of all your judgments. Take your responsibility and make a change from within, that too will help yourself and serve mankind in a way which will create miracles.”

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